Wednesday, 19 December 2012

I wish The Sun would go away

Sensationalist British media hardly fails to surprise me with its laughable standards “journalism”, however with the recent rise in mind numbingly stupid headlines following the unimaginable horror of the school shootings – I’m actually starting to wonder why anyone still buys these tabloids any more. Surely these readers would have more self-respect than to pick up The Sun and consider themselves informed of today’s current events, but these things continue to sell.

The Sun recently ran the headlines that reported the murderer who opened fire on innocent children in a school was somehow influenced by Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Hooray, it’s “let’s jump on the video games are evil bandwagon” time! Hang on; they just need to get off the “Goth killers” bandwagon first.

In the interest of transparency I’d like to inform you guys that I have just finished a game of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 before sitting down to type this up and no, I am not feeling any urges to grab a weapon and open fire on innocent children. There is no evidence to suggest that playing video games = mass murderers. It’s insulting to even suggest that. To even imply that Call of Duty or video games in general is a main cause (one tabloid reported Dynasty Warriors as being one!) is becoming less and less of a credible argument and the constant backing of such an argument simply makes you look ignorant, narrow minded, backwards and quite frankly stupid.

To me that is the best way to describe the general institution of British Journalism, most (not all!) is quite frankly antiquated and a relic of times long since passed. More and more people are finding their news elsewhere. More and more people get their fix of entertainment gossip elsewhere, these trash tabloids quite frankly should just die out now – and quickly – and reform themselves in the wake of more connected and smarter audiences. I’m normally not one to just lash out at such a large sector of people, writers and journalists however this is just another instance of brazen sensational “journalism” where these tabloids get away with presenting shit as fact.

This follows the scandalous investigation into phone hacking and the invasion of privacy by journalists in more and more bold attempts to sell newspapers. Finally they were somewhat threatened by the Levinson Inquiry but the reforms suggest by that didn’t go far enough. We shouldn’t live in a world where journalists can offer depressed and mentally unstable people money for drugs and sex just to get a story. Or a world where whole sections of people (the killer was labelled as a Goth in a recent headline) are quite frankly discriminated against, whether they are immigrants, gamers or people who are interested in alternative music, attire and values, by large corporations whose interests solely lie in sales and political control. An establishment that can change its entire political belief at a whim to stay “in with the readers” loses all integrity with me.

It’s trashy, uneducated and petty. Their attempts to tarnish all forms of media and entertainment in which the large News Corporations have little control (for example News Corp has very little control in the games industry or avenues of Goth music and fashion) are getting obvious and quite frankly laughable.

We deserve better from our media and government and it burns me up inside that productions such as The Sun are still able to operate today. They are a fountain of hate and bigotry that are in the business of scaring readers and keeping them under their control rather than presenting news.

How about they stop finding out what music and games the killer listened to and plastering his face all over the front page and focus their attention on the innocent lives lost and the families having to deal with such a tragedy. Maybe that’s asking for too much.